Wednesday, September 9, 2009


For Mr T's birthday I took him to Ezard for dinner, we had the pre theatre tasting menu. It was AMAZING and well worth it's super high prize. My fav dining experience ever, although apart from press club, I haven't had many fine dining experiences.

We went with my brother and his girlfriend who are omni's and had separate menus but also really enjoyed it.

It was a little hard to take pictures, because we didn't want to use the flash and didn't want to be obvious about it, so some are quite bad. Also my descriptions are not the greatest because I didn't bring a notepad and the descriptions were all quite lengthy with descriptions like: "oyster mushrooms with mirin/soy/plum wine sauce infused with x y and z and topped with x y and z". But hopefully you get the point.

We had bread with olive oil, ground szechuan peppers, a mixture of sugar/lime and chilli, and a non vegan seaweed/fish one. It made me decide that I have to get my hands on some szechuan peppers.

We then had rhubarb, beetroot, grapefruit with salsa verde. I normally hate grapefruit but this was not sour at all.

We then had silken tofu in a red miso broth with some sort of melt in your mouth seaweed and sesame seeds. I've had lots of miso before, but this was hands down the best miso ever.

Then we had a warm artichoke salad with fennel. Why is it that I only like fresh fennel in fancy restaurants?

Then followed by oyster mushrooms in a plum wine/mirin/soy sauce that was sweet and savoury and so addictive which I mopped up like a crazy person with my bread.

Dessert was the only thing I was slightly disappointed with because I thought sorbet was just too easy, but it was delicious. We had mandarin/orange sorbet and raspberry sorbet with fancy dried fruit on top.

About half way through I started to worry that I might actually be hungry afterwards, but the meals got progressively bigger and by the end I was full, Mr T on the other hand wanted a stop at casa del gelato on the way home, but he's got a massive appetite. I really can't name a favourite dish, but Mr T said the oyster mushrooms in plum wine sauce was his favourite.

I really could get used to this type of fine dining, it's a pity my budget won't allow it.


  1. everything looks delicious! Theres not many vegan fine dining places around! well in Adelaide anyway.


  2. Wow that sounds (and looks) so fancy! What a cool experience!

  3. Yay! I'm so glad you enjoyed it. You're review comes at just the right time to get me super (SUPER!) excited, cause I'm looking forward to my very own ezard experience in about a week- I'm going the full 8 courses and I'm pumped!
    I can't believe how awesome it is that a fine dining place will do a full vegan degustation...swoon...

  4. Fantastic! Glad you both had such a great night. I desperately want to go back to Ezard... maybe for my birthday this year. When we ate there last year, I was also a little underwhelmed by the dessert but LOVED the savoury dishes.

    BTW, their sister restaurant Gingerboy is a little cheaper (though still more expensive than my average night out) - I wonder if we could persuade them to do a vegan menu sometime?

    And BTW BTW, I can show you how to lighten up non-flash photos sometime. :-)

  5. That looks amazing! It is great to know there are some fancy pants places who are so good at catering to vegan. That plum sauce thing sounds amazing!

    Susan :)

  6. Yummo! That looks so amazing. Dammit I wish I lived in Melbourne (except for the cold!).