Monday, September 28, 2009

Lord of the Fries- Northland

We where over an hour late for the potluck because the stumpy cake was so time consuming and we slept in, so we missed out on most of the savoury options but overloaded ourselves in sugar and thought that lots of salt and deep fried savoury would fix the problem. We started chatting with Cindy and Michael about the new lord of the fries store at Northland or 'Norflands' as the locals say and decided to give it a go.

I was relieved to see that it was actually a small cafe with seats unlike the city store, and the interior was actually quite nice, with a mix of tall tables and low tables and a bright red wall. In addition to the usual range they also had a 'chicken ' burger and 'hotdogs' on the menu although the 'chicken' burgers were sold out on the day. I was tempted to get a 'hotdog' but was worried that it might be the sanitarium ones, in hidnsight I should I have just asked.

The place was sadly empty but it was around 3.30pm. Mr T and I decided to share the chips with gravy and 'cheese', 'chicken' nuggets, and a mega burger which I think is a version of the big mark burger. It was all tasty, hot and the serving of cheezly was very generous on the fries. It's a pity I no longer work around the corner.

I really hope the place does well, it would be great to have another veg option in Preston.

Lord of the Fries-Northland
2-50 Murray Rd
East Preston
near the cinema entry


  1. We went there on Friday night. I got the chicken burger, which was nice, but I had to hand it over to my youngest as she had ordered the nuggets and didn't like them. I have to admit I wasn't a fan, either. Are they the same as in the city? I've never tried them before. We had all nearly finished our food before my partner got his meal. But they did try to sweeten us with a bottle of coke (which we declined). I wasn't very impressed with their chips on that night, either. Not very tasty. In the city they usually give you a good smoother of tomato sauce but we only got a sachet of sauce. Hoping it is better next time, but am really happy it is here!

  2. Oh, and my eldest daughter had the hotdog and she said it was nice but would ask for no mustard next time. Come to think of it, not sure if it was vegan. Note to self: must check if the hot dog is vegan :)

  3. I wish they had something like that in SA! Looks great.

  4. Looks pretty good. We need some kind of greasy food place like that here!!


    when?!?! I dont really like their burgers... and the nuggies can be a bit too full on sometime... how exciting

    they are franchising.. I would SO LOVE to do one.. but you would smell like fryer grease forever...

  6. I'll be back to try the chicken burger!

  7. I didn't know about all of this, next time I'm in Melb I'm going to Northland for a junk food hit

  8. Siethan, it's a pity you has such a bad experience. Was it busy when you went there?

    Rose and Vaala, you can always open up your own lord of the fries store :-)

    Cindy, I want to try it too!

    Claudia, you can also get is the city!

  9. I wish we had a fast food place like this in Brisbane! When I went to England this year they have a place called Red Veg and they make awesome, trashy, addictive burgers, hotdogs, fries, wedges and these spicy fried baby corn things. I still get cravings!