Thursday, September 24, 2009

More ice cream love

As Lisa has already announced Radical Grocery now has ice cream!!!! As soon as I saw the facebook status I rushed out and got some choc mint tofutti cuties and they are perfection: soft chocolate biscuits with soft choc mint ice cream that has choc chips in it. I then proceeded to eat 3 and Mr T ate 2. Ohhhps!

Radical Grocery is selling both boxes and individual ones which are great if you want to try before you buy.

I might try to keep the last few until the weekend at least :-)

It's almost the end of Aus/NZ mofo and I'm pretty pleased that I lasted so long with pretty regular posts although at times it was tricky.


  1. When I saw Lisa's post I read it out loud in excitement, and Danni mocked me! But now that she has seen your photos she has admitted how wrong she was!

  2. Yay! Ice cream in the hood.

    Also, I've been loving veganmofo. Everyone has posted HEAPS - it's awesome. Go vegan blogging!

  3. YUM! I wonder if anywhere in Adelaide sells them.

  4. dang it! i wish i had known before setting off down sydders today, I was so close to cramming one of those delicious morsels down my feed tube!!!

  5. Hmmm, I wonder if we'll get the mint chocolate chip ones here too. So far I've only seen vanilla and some kind of strawberry swirl thing.