Wednesday, September 23, 2009

My beans are better than your beans

I read and read and read all these American food blogs and cookbook with recipes with black beans but for some bizarre reason they don't sell canned black beans in Australia, unless you want to pay a crazy price for organic canned black beans. I have however seen dried ones in health food stores and got inspired by Kitten's Gone Lentil dried black bean cook up and then read about cooking them in a slow cooker.

So I set about soaking them and then started reading all of these things about red kidney bean poisoning from cooking dried beans in slow cooker and got freaked out, so to be on the safe side I boiled them for 10 minutes and then transferred them to my slow cooker to cook for the day while I focused on my thesis.

Mr T then made a massive batch of chili with the black beans using our standard chili recipe, but it tasted MUCH better with black beans and we had lots of black beans leftover to put in the freezer. I swear dried beans that are freshly cooked taste better than canned!

I think we will aim to make a batch of some sort of dried beans about every fortnight.


  1. Looks yummo! I've been loving cooking up a batch of black beans once a week to

  2. It's an impressive commitment, but if laziness kicks in, I think the black beans from the Spanish grocer on Johnston Street are probably not as expensive as the organic ones at Piedemontes.

  3. I love black beans! I cook dried beans in the pressure cooker, so kind of the opposite of the slow cooker, but same idea--make a big batch and then freeze the rest in jars. Much nicer than tinned!

  4. It's pretty much the same situation here - canned black beans are only available if you're prepared to pay the price. Yeah, freshly cooked beans are WAY better than just have to be bothered to cook them!

  5. Mmm black beans are my absolute favourite!!!

  6. Michael, the ones from the spanish grocer are still pretty expensive and I think they might be smaller in size.

    Theresa, I wish I had a pressure cooker too!

    Vala and Vegetation, glad you understand my dried black bean love.

    Mandee, you do it every week?

  7. Hurrah for cooking dried beans! I used to be able to sometimes find tinned black beans - outrageously expensive as you say, but now I cannot even find them at all. The dried ones are much better and much cheaper to boot.

    I am planning a big cook up of navy beans and black beans in my near future.