Friday, September 4, 2009

Tandoori Times

We went to Tandoori Times recently with my family and found it to be quite vegan friendly. I explained to the waiter that we are vegetarian and don't eat dairy and eggs and he explained that they don't use egg at all and then explained which dishes contained dairy and which ones could be made vegan. They really did pay attention, telling us if a condiment that was put on the table contained dairy and explaining that the kitchen accidentally put butter on our bread so he asked them to make us a new bread. The interior was quite nice too and the food was very tasty and affordable.

We had, onions bhaji, which was crisp and not too oily:

Tandoori mushrooms which are normally made with butter but were made dairy free for us. I'm not a big mushroom fan but Mr T loved these.

Punjabi daal which had just the right amount of ginger and coriander was and pumkin lakhanawi which was a bit spicy but had a nice tamarind flavour.

Tandoori Times
45 anderson st
9689 0666


  1. Yum! I love indian food, the mushrooms sound delicious.


  2. Oooh - the tandoori mushrooms sound delish. I wonder if I can make them myself?

  3. Yum! It's been ages since I've eaten Indian food as I always assumed it would be too difficult to find a place that served anything vegan