Sunday, April 25, 2010

"This is why you are fat" potluck

Vicki hosted a vegan potluck last night and the theme was "this is why you are fat" based on the website. I was a little concerned that with my weak stomach that I would end up vomiting and while I did feel a little sick at times, it passed quickly and it was so worth it.

I made Haggis Nachos based on Johanna's recipe here using my g/f oats. I've never had haggis before so can't compare it but it was really yummy and had such an interesting flavour and texture. I think it worked quite well with the nachos. I used one packet of nacho cheezly, and served it with home made guacamole, and purchased "sour cream" and salsa.

Vicki made nacho pizzas with home made pizza bases and I think tvp, I couldn't eat this but Toby said it was his fave.

Craig made potato gem, gravy and cheese calzones and Steph made potato gems with gravy and cheese. I couldn' eat the calazones but enjoyed Steph's variation on their own.

Craig also made his gluten free potato cakes which were a big hit from the last potluck and which I have been craving since. This time it was fried twice so was super crispy. He also very kindly gave me the leftovers to take home.

Rachel made fried peanut butter and jelly sandwiches and chip butties with fries.

She even made me my own version with g/f bread. They tasted just like the real thing.
Bec decided to combine a few of the things, so in this chip butty there was nachos, a potato cake and pizza.

Toby made rocky road ice cream from vegan scoop, with nuts and marshmallows, it wasn't quite the same as rockyroad but was yummy. It was really great timing that radical grocery had just received Dandies marshmallows. They are awesome!

Vicki made cupcake skewers which I think are perhaps the most impressive thing that I have ever seen and they were gluten free!!!!!! They had home made cupcakes and donuts, as well as leda choc biscuits and vegan candy. So so so so so awesome. You are now officially my hero Vicki.

Bec made cream horns with puff pastry and "cornettos" with chocolate and ice cream. I couldn't eat them and Toby was over desserts really quickly but everyone raved about them especially the "cornettos". She tried to make me own version with g/f puff pastry but it didn't work out so to compensate Bec made me a parfait style dessert with cream, ice cream, chocolate, and crushed biscuits which was over the top but I still managed to eat most of it. You can see it in the background of this pic as well as Rachel's chocolate peanut butter smoothies with home made ice cream.

Today we had doubled the haggis recipe so had plenty left over Toby used it to make a haggis and potato cake/potato gem casserole with gravy and cheese. It was good but I prefer it on nachos.

Don't worry though tonight we are having brown rice and plenty of veggies and tofu to try to compensate.


  1. WHOAH. Detox themed potluck next, anyone?

    It all looks brilliant. The cupcake skewers are stunning!

  2. ooo, it all looks so yummy (and fattening!!). I must have missed the email about this potluck...shame :(

  3. I agree - Vicki's cupcake skewers were super-incredible!
    I threw out the rest of the fried PB&Js and chip butties this morning ... but not before considering whether I should just test them as leftovers first ...

  4. PS - Tahn, are you on Facebook? A lot is organised there because there is a potluck page :)

  5. Amazing looking food and so much of it is gf! And I have been wanting to make cupcake skewers for ages, they look fantastic.

  6. I missed the chip butties and pizza nachos and Steph's potato gems!!!

    Everything else was great though. Yum.

  7. The donuts on the skewers were AMAZING.

  8. wow that all looks artery-cloggingly good - good to prove vegans aren't all salads and hemp oil :-)

    am pleased to see the haggis nachos could be done as gf and vegan - they are so so good - excellent use of your gf oats!

  9. Tahn - I invited you, but did it through fb to your email addy so maybe you didn't get it :(

    Kristy - I must have forgot to tell you that my pizza was gluten free! Because I had so many disasters with the pizza dough I ended up sending Greg out to buy g/f corn tortillas & I used 2 of them stuck together with a layer of nacho cheezly in the middle as the bases.

    Toby's ice cream was so delicious! I am disappointed I didn't eat more potato cakes & pb&j sandwiches.

  10. Oh no, I'm not on facebook anymore! (it was taking up waaayyyy too much of my time!!) so that is probably why I didn't get the email. Shame. Next time maybe :)

  11. Aw man, this looks great! How did I miss this? Have I been sin-binned for not coming to the uncheese/gf one?

  12. Cindy, I think that's a great idea. i was thinking maybe another raw potluck.

    Johanna, thanks for the recipe!

    Vicki, oh noooooooooo. What a shame! I thought that you tried to make it g/f then it failed.

    Seitahn, facebook can invite people to events even if they are not on facebook but it might have gone to the junk mail.

    Niki, I didn't host it and I guess Vicki may have just invited people who she has met from previous potlucks.

  13. BEST THEME EVER. So crazy envious of the peanut butter smoothies right now... Oh, the more I think about this party, the more it makes me giggle. Awesome.

  14. How exciting! We're getting ready to host a vegan potluck in May. Should be pretty interesting :) If you have any good gluten free recipes please send them my way! One of my friends who is coming has a low tolerance and I have little experience baking without wheat flours.

  15. Ha ha Niki!! That's what I thought, too!! Ha Ha. (or that my kids were too much hassle!)

    I'll go check my junk mail, too and get it to recognise it as not junk.
    I'll be there for the next one. :)

  16. This is like a temptation challenge from biggest loser or something. Everything looks so amazingly good in a junky way. Tater tot calzones sound the most amazing to me, but I would never pass up those cupcake skewers. Yum to everything!

  17. Niki - My place is pretty small so I couldn't invite too many people, hope to see you at the next one though!

  18. just posting around the interwebs in case anyone is interested:

    Cheezly is being sold for reduced prices ($4.79!!) at the Thomas Dux in Richmond...the use by date is May 3. All varieties are reduced!