Monday, April 26, 2010

Newish Aussie Veg bloggers

I've noticed a couple of newish Melbourne veg bloggers that I think are worth mentioning. First up a friend of ours has started a new vegan blog here, he adds to one of the few Aussie male veg bloggers.

And secondly a 8yr old vegetarian food blogger called Orla, talks about eating out and her life in general here.

If you know of any Aussie veg bloggers that have updated in the last month and who generally blog about food or any gluten free veg bloggers from anywhere then please let me know so i can add them to the list on the side.


  1. Oh, and my friend weightlifting Rachael writes Thus Bakes Zarathustra - one of my fav veg blogs ever. Vegan-friendly!

  2. Hooray. We've invited them all to join!

  3. Ok. I just noticed your Proudly Part of Awwwww. We should get like little badges that people can put on their websites.

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  5. Hi Kristy. Someone I know online (US based) has this blog:

    Her desserts in particular look really good.