Saturday, October 1, 2011

Ginger Ripple Cake-Vegan Mofo Day 1

I'm a bit nervous about signing up for vegan mofo again. What have I gotten myself into it? It was quite tricky last year  when we blogged every day for a whole month but it did result in me being a bit more creative with meals and its all for a great reason, right? To celebrate a whole month of vegan food by writing about it as much as possible.

To kick start I want to share my dessert recipe which I made for the vegmel potluck, this is perhaps the laciest dessert that I have ever made but was still quite tasty I think.

It's a version of the great aussie chocolate ripple cake which is generally made from chocolate cookies called ripple biscuits and cream, like this. According to wikipedia there are similar versions in other countries  and it's called icebox cake in the US.

Ginger Ripple Cake adapted from Fat Fuelled Vegan's recipe
2 packets of Leda Gluten Free gingernut biscuits
2 packets of soyatoo topping cream
2 tablespoons of  Frangelico (optional)
roughly 1 cup of  frozenbluberries (optional)

Mix the frozen blueberries and frangelico into the cream, put a thin layer of cream on the bottom of bowl, then add a layer of biscuits, repeat until all the biscuits are finish and top with last layer of cream. Allow to sit for at least 2 hours so the biscuits soften. Done!

I would also halve this recipe unless you were making it for a large group of people. I altered two things to his original recipe, one I decided to add frozen blueberries to the cream and to the top and I used ready made vegan cream and a bit of left over alcohol and cream from the tiramisu. Next time I would probably leave out the blueberries, they just seemed kind of out of place and I don't think the frangelico really added anything to it flavour wise.
I decorated it with a V for  planet vegmel.


  1. I am feeling the same way but MoFo is always a lot of fun.

    This looks delicious, I bet I could try it with coconut cream instead of soyatoo!

  2. YUMMERS! Nice first MoFo post, I'd never heard of a ripple cake before.
    Happy MoFo'ing

  3. Um, awesome! That looks great, I'm all for easy to throw together desserts.

  4. Oh this looks good! I was thinking the same thing as the comment above regarding coconut cream instead. Either way, this looks relatively easy to make (correct me if I'm wrong)! And it has Frangelico to boot?! Great stuff.

  5. This is my first MoFo, I'm not sure what I've gotten myself into either!

    I used to make something a lot like this cake when I was living in the Philippines and didn't have much to cook with. Now I'm craving one all over again!

  6. nice to be on the mofo journey with you - enjoyed seeing all your mofo posts last year and am sure will enjoy them this year too

    was kicking myself that I didn't get any of this dessert at the potluck - I think I went after finger food so I could run after sylvia and meant to get this later and forgot - it did look pretty and interesting

  7. Ashley and Mandee, am sure it would be great with coconut cream and probably cheaper too!

    Jenni, thinks its just an Australia thing.

    VIB, I know, sometimes you just need a simple dessert quickly!

    Erinwiko, we can support each other. I can't believe there are similar things in Phillipines.

    Johanna, thanks. I'm not sure if you would have liked it due to the cream?