Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Notzarella-Vegan MOFO Day 25

5Just a super short post from me today. We have a new vegan cheese and its made in Australia, its called Notzarella and at the moment you can purchase some online here.  It's not cheap though, particularly if you have to pay for postage. To make it slightly cheaper we went half with our friends Bec and Troy.  We have tried some on pizza, the failed enchiladas and then grilled on toast. Texture wise it is great, I mean look at it:

I wouldn't recommend eating it raw, but cooked its great. I kind of wish it had a bit of a stronger flavour though as it's super mild. As a friend suggested I think eating it plain on toast doesn't work but with other things tomato, chives etc is great.


  1. I tried some Notzarella a few weeks ago and thought it was really great on a pizza. I agree that it's quite bland on it's own. It went a bit weird and lumpy rather than melting when I added it to a bechamel sauce. The saddest moment for me was when I found a half package had gone mouldy after only being opened a week before and it had been covered tightly with glad wrap.

  2. That looks so delicious & melty! The UK recently got Vegusto which I'm loving for cheese on toast, I'm going to try mixing it with Cheezly next time I make pizza.