Monday, November 15, 2010

Chan House Healthy Vegetarian Option - Vegan Mofo Day 15

I don't generally buy lunch when I go to work because there aren't much choices. I can either go downstairs to Satay Bar or do a quick Lord of the Fries run. Now I have the third option: Chan House Healthy Vegetarian Option.

They located in a mini food court on Little Collins st near Vue De Monde and RACV:

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Their lunch box is fast, delicious and cheap. The small box is $5.8 and the big box is $6.8. It includes two dishes and plain rice (fried rice $1 extra). There are 4 to 5 Chinese/South East Asian vegetarian dishes on the Bain-Marie to choose from and they change daily.

I have been there almost ten times and the food is always good. The staff are very helpful and know what is vegan. I asked them (in Cantonese) if there is any dairy and egg product in the food and they replied that all the Main-Marie food is vegan. (Last time I asked in Cantonese at Chatterbox they told me that there was milk in the laksa despite telling others in English that it was vegan.)

Both sweet and sour 'Pork' and mixed vegetable curry were pretty good. The curry wasn't too spicy.

I had sweet and sour 'pork' again the second time and tried the BBQ 'pork'. The BBQ 'pork' coated in sesame seeds was full of flavour and crispy.

Honey 'chicken' came with deep-fried rice noodles and the curry 'fish balls' were amazing. The curry, again, wasn't overly spicy. They don't use honey in the 'chicken'.

I had the sesame 'chicken' and satay 'fish' ball for lunch last week. Both dishes are fantastic. The satay was a bit spicy for me and I needed lots of water to wash it down. But I guess it is just me. Yes, I'm a wuss.

Apart form the lunch box, they also have steamed buns, generic Chinese deep fried stuff and one noodle soup dish on rotation on the weekdays. They also serve lunch banquet on Saturday.

You can also read Michael's write up.

Chan House Healthy Vegetarian Option
Address: Shop 10, 422 Little Collins Street
Ph: 0402798748

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  1. ah, good! i've been looking for more lunch options in the city! thanks!!

  2. sounds like an interesting place - you are lucky you can ask in cantonese - a bit of inside knowledge is a wonderful thing!