Friday, November 26, 2010

Mankoushe - Vegan Mofo Day 26

Falafel is an amazing fast food.  It is delicious, cheap and relatively healthy. I like it simple: three or four falafel balls wrapped in pita bread with lettuce, tomatoes, pickles and tahini.  I also prefer the the Egyptian fava beans falafel from Half Moon cafe to the Lebanese style ones.

Couple of months ago, I read about a new Lebanese bakery called Mankoushe on Mess+Noise . Before I had a chance to blog about it, Cindy and Michael had already given them raving reviews, not once but twice.

My friend's band YIS eat there every week before band practice.  Bassist Bronwyn (a fellow Egyptian falafel fan and ex-chef) gave their food two thumbs up and said "the zaatar bread was almost as good as my grandmother's".  You can also read frontman Simon's review on their blog.

We went on Saturday night with Lisa, she got the Za'atar extra - Za'atar with salad and mint on top. It's not as oily as the usual one, it's wholesome and the mint makes it refreshing.

We also ordered the stretched Za'atar.  It was similar to normal Za'atar but much crispier.

K and I shared the spinach triangle which is the best spinach triangle I have ever had. The dough is superior to places like A1 and Tabet's.

The falafel roll was fantastic and filling. Their falafel balls are chunkier than normal Lebanese falafel and almost as good as Half Moon's. The pita bread is made to order just like all their baked goods.  Their falafel rolls are massive and "normal" people, unlike me, can only eat half of them. 

Mankoushe is like the cool little cousin of Tabet's and A1.  We were served by the young Lebanese hipster in a stylish op-shop outfit and they played great music on the stereo. They were playing The Rolling Stone's Sympathy for the Devil and Bob Dylan's Ballad Of A Thin Man really loud when we were there. 

Address: 325 Lygon Street, East Brunswick
Tel: 9078 9223

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