Friday, November 12, 2010

Ginger Choc Mousse- Vegan Mofo day 12

I've been unwell this week with crazy fatigue, nausea and a throat infection. I try not to eat dessert when I'm sick but as long as I'm not vomiting I can't really stay away. I know ginger is supposed to be good for nausea and sore throats so decided to make an easy dessert which includes ginger. When I mean make, I really just mean open a carton but anyway.....

I discovered isola bio cacao rice based dessert al riso at the gluten free expo and soon after at radical grocery store. It's a tad on the pricey range but given that it tastes amazing, is organic and made from fair trade cocoa, rice, agave and not much else I don't mind paying a bit more for the occasional indulgence. Besides rice is good for your stomach, right?

So I added some grated ginger using the microplane grater and mixed it all together. I then added more so that the ginger flavour was noticeable without being overpowering. The ginger paired really nicely with the chocolate and had me thinking of other ginger based desserts including an ice cream recipe that I'm going to try. Can you think of any other summery ginger desserts?

And because this is a bit of a short post, here's a pic of button.


  1. cute pic of button - zinc sits at our flywire door just like that

    hope you feel better soon - all the ginger should help and rice is good comfort food - can't think of summer ginger desserts so all I can think is ice cream (chocolate and ginger icecream is surely v sophisticaled) and ginger in some fruit salad or smoothies

  2. Pineapple and ginger jelly?

    Agar (my agar powder says 1.5 tablespoons)
    2 cups of pineapple juice
    1/2 cup hot water
    1 tin pineapple
    Grated ginger

    Put the 1/2 cup of water into a saucepan and add the agar. Boil and stir constantly till agar is disolved then add the grated ginger. Blend in the juice then pour into your mould with the pineapple chunks. Super easy.

    Or Ginger Ale? I tried the non yeast version.

  3. Hope your feeling better and tha tthe ginger does its magic. To be honest, I don't know of many gingery recipes other than Jamaican Gingerbread.

  4. Oh no! I hope you feel better very soon. Ginger always does me well when I have a tummy problem.

  5. Oh gosh, I feel your pain - literally! The past two weeks for me have been all about fatigue, nausea, and sore throats too. It's the pits! Like you, too, not even sickness can keep me from desserts :) I can't bear ginger and chocolate together, but I'm thinking I'll have to buy that chocolate dessert when I visit Melbourne next month!! Radical Grocery is one of my must-dos on my list :)

  6. Get well soon, K!

    Our cat does that too. :-)

  7. Feel better soon! Ginger beer is my favourite summer drink, but probably not a good idea when you're sick...

  8. Thanks everyone, for the get well wishes!

    Katie Carrot, that sounds great and summery.

    Mango cheeks, I've never heard of Jamaican gingerbread, off to google now.

    Hannah, I hope you are better by your Melbourne trip, so exciting that you are coming here.