Saturday, November 6, 2010

Zen Zero Blue- Vegan Mofo Day 6

I went to Zen Zero Blue, weeks ago with a large group of people organised by Lidia and including Cindy who has already posted about it. They generally offer a vegetarian banquet but if you have a large group they can make it vegan.

We had garlicky olives with aniseed and possible other herbs:

Hummus and Moroccan lentil dip with roti. I really loved the roti because it was the first time that I have had it since I went gluten free. The hummus was great and had a lovely home made flavour which I was relieved about because I'm so over store bought hummus but I think the moroccan lentil dip was superior.
Then it was pumpkin soup, I enjoyed the saltiness of the stock.

Then it was time for crostini with caponata and salsa verde. This was basically just a fancy sounding bruschetta but quite delicious.
Time for porcini mushroom and pumpkin arancini with tomato sugo. The mushroom flavour was quite subtle and the texture was not there either so I quite enjoyed these.

I hate rosemary but loved these potatoes with fennel, garlic and rosemary, I just avoided the pieces of rosemary So crunchy and the fennel went surprisingly well with potatoes. I could have eaten a big bowl of them.

The pumpkin and sage risotto was next, this was good but nothing particularly special.

It seemed weird timing so late in the meal to have salad, it contained rocket, apple , warm dates and walnuts. I enjoyed the warm dates but found the rocket or arugula to be a little too bitter for my liking. I love saying the US name 'arugula', it sounds so fancy but it annoys Toby.

And finally dessert, I think sorbet is a bit of lazy cop-out for vegan dessert but I didn't mind this time because the coconut and kaffir leaf sorbet was a little more original, creamy and very tasty. A great way to end the meal.

Overall the banquet was good but not the most amazing meal ever, but for the $25 that it costs, it provided amazing value for money. I noticed that they can also go g/f dishes if requested. I would certainly go again.

Also check out the crazy art work:
You can also read about Melbourne Vegan's dining experience.

Zen Zero Blue
32 Best St (corner of St Georges Rd)
North Fitzroy
9481 3393


  1. Wow, that's a lot of yummy food for $25. You ate well! Those potatoes are calling to me, and the arancini!

  2. What a great looking dinner! I looove olives, especially warmed olives. And the bruschetta looks yummy too. THe sorbet does seem like a bit of a sad way to end such a colourful meal.


  3. I. WANT. THIS. ALL.

    Happy MoFo'ing!

  4. Ceyln, the potatoes were awesome.

    Rose, I don't really like olives but everyone else seemed to love them.

    Organarchy, you'll have to come to Melbourne to do get it :-)

  5. I love the style that you use for your photos and the food looks amazing !! I have to visit Melbourne one day and I have some good friends that live there

  6. Monique, really great value for money.

    Vegan Animals, Melbourne is pretty vegan friendly, you should visit!