Monday, November 1, 2010

WVD 2010- Vegan Mofo 1

What better way to start Vegan MoFo than talking about World Vegan Day? We are going to TRY to blog everyday.

Please excuse the poor quality phone pics.

Toby and I were started to think that World Vegan Day was a bit same-same. So I had low expectations this year. Sure it was still jam packed and they need a bigger location but there was more food stalls and even the stalls that they we were familar with had new items.

Highlights include, the breakfast calzone from Las vegan which had 'bacon', cheezly and tomato inside and the spinach pastizie from Funky Pies:

here is Toby's healthy plate of food from vegilcous:

I loved the lemon filled doughnuts from crumbs organic bakehouse. They resembled regular jam donuts with sugar on the outside but with a lemon curd style filling. I also tried a chocolate filled one but the lemon one was my fave. They also had butterfly cupcakes and lamingtons which I didn't get to try.

Also not photographed but equally delicious was the Mr Nice Guy cupcakes and the honeycomb crunch chocolate from Luna Mare Chocolate which was also sugar free. Also, Toby tried the animal lover coffee which he said wasn't bad.

I'm so glad that I still eating gluten because otherwise my choices would have been pretty limited.

So great to see everyone too, although sadly I missed the cooking demonstrations and talks because we had to rush to attend men of letters.

What was your fav thing that you tried?

Edited to add, also discovered new veg restaurant opening in Richmond called Loving Hut.


  1. We tried to check out Vegie Hut today, but they were closed. Did they tell you when they're going to open?

  2. K, actually your right Tahn in about two weeks.

  3. Sugar-free honeycomb? That sounds so antithetical that I must try it! :D

  4. THe vegan festival is coming up here in Adelaide on the 14th! Im really hoping to go, theres always some new things that I havent tried.
    That lemon filled doughnut looks AMAZING!


  5. i gave up trying to figure out which stalls were which at some point due to the amount of people...i just walked up to what looked good, bought it and ran to somewhere i where i could breathe and eat at the same time.

    had some enlightened cuisine because i just can't help myself and that was awesome, as usual. the worst was a brownie from i'm not sure where that tasted like soap. yuk. tried to find where la panella was hiding but the lady at the info booth gave me some misinformation and i gave up.

    there were a bunch of advertised stallholders that i couldn't find. anyone else have such a problem? they really need to at least expand a bit into the courtyard next year (where the bands were) or something...all those people smushed into such a small space is a massive turn-off.

  6. Hannah, It's got me wanting to make some. I've found a few vegan recipes online :-)

    Rose, hope there is loads of yummy dishes to try.

    Louise, It wasn't that bad when we got there. We were there from 11am til about 1.30pm. I'm pretty sure la panella wasn't there, I got the doughnuts from crumbs bake house.

  7. La Panella wasn't there. The next day I went into the bakery (it's my local-lucky me) and asked them why they weren't there. She said her husband went but no stall as she thought it was too much work. I said their food would go down VERY well and they should think about it for next year.