Friday, October 15, 2010

Empire Cafe

As I announced a little while ago, Empire has a new vegan menu and sells Mr Nice Guy cupcakes. Steph has already blogged about it here. Sadly they were out of cupcakes when we went but we did get to try one thing from their breakfast menu and one thing from their lunch menu. Toby ordered vegan HCT- ham cheese, tomato toastie from their lunch menu:

They use tofutti cheese slices which I'm not normally a big fan of but it works with the 'ham' and tomato. I know that they would could probably make this at home, if we knew what 'ham' they used but it's kind of nice to just be able to order a vegan toasty out without doing any of the work and we both really enjoyed it.

I couldn't resist ordering the french toast and they allowed us to order off the breaky menu even though it was 2pm. I agree with Steph that their french toast is good but not as amazing as Monk Bodhi Dharma, but much closer in distance to me and still very satisfying . It is sprinkled with cinnamon and served with plenty of maple syrup. I also ordered a delux vegan smoothie with banana and strawberry which was delicious.
Here are some pics of the menu, click on the pic for a proper look:

So great that there are vegan breaky options so close to Radical Grocery and where we live.

Empire Cafe Gallery
295 Sydney Rd


  1. Hey so I heard that Mr Nice Guy Cupcakes are going to be making gluten-free cupcakes pretty soon!

    Also I think Empire uses Redwood ham.

  2. Oh wow, I would love to go out for a vegan breakfast! ...or I could just make french toast at home, I love it with maple syrup, cinnamon and sliced banana :)