Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Yum Cha at Bodhi

It really is amazing that we managed to fit in so many yum cha dishes, but we did. It was such quick eating that I can't really do a comprehensive run down, but here is what I remembered:
Spring rolls and spinach and tofu rolls. I loved both of these and was sad that the spring rolls didn't come around again. The spinach and tofu rolls were like spinach/cheese pastries.
Beetroot ginger dumplings were kind of weird according to Toby, but I think Bec liked them
Veg dumplings
These sausage rolls were surprisingly good, with home-made pastry, like 'sausages' in batter.
One serving of Cheung fun (it's called fresh rice noodle fold on the menu) with 'prawns' and one with vegies. I liked the veg one and Toby liked the 'prawn' one which he said was like the omni one that he grew up with.

Spicy tofu and crispy tofu skin

BBQ 'pork buns' were a fav and we got a few serves, whereas only Toby liked the steam rice in lotus leaf in the background.

Veg with tofu skin

Crispy wantons
siew mai

Tofu skin and tomatoes stuffed with salad. These two were disappointingly cold and just pretty average.

For dessert, we had
Baked custard sago, chinese doughnuts filled with yellow bean paste and crispy sesame balls with sweet peanut. I enjoyed all these. Toby was super excited about the baked custard sago but was disappointed that there was no lotus seed paste as a filling.

There was a fast rotation of food and was great to have the proper yum cha experience where they bring you dishes and you say yes/no instead of ordering off the menu, but Toby was particularly disappointed that it was quite pricey and he thought that nothing really stood out apart from the cheung fun and dessert. I really liked the outdside dining aspect but agreed with Toby that our previous dining experience ordering off the menu was more enjoyable.

Here is a picture of the menu (click on photo for proper view):


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  1. You've reminded me that I still have not blogged about my yum cha experience at Bodhi!

    Everything looks great, I really wanted to try the beetroot dumplings when we went but we were SO full!

  2. This has reminded me that there *is* a vegetarian yumcha place in Canberra! Hurrah! I'll have to get someone to go with me soon. (Unless you want to make Canberra your next eating-tour destination? ;) We have, erm, that place... and a few other vegan-friendly restaurants... I think. Sigh.)