Monday, October 4, 2010

Funky Pies Breakfast

I've sung the praises of g/f funky pies before and enjoyed their regular pies and g/f brownies but for some reason when I discovered funky pies cafe had breakfast options I wasn't expecting much more than the pies that you can get in Melbourne. Boy was I wrong, we had a frigging AMAZING breakfast there. It's a tiny place with limited seating but sells all of the regular pies/quiches you can get in Melbourne plus extras like sausage rolls and pastizies and has a full breakfast menu. It's all vegan too and the service was super friendly. They also sell my favourite drink Charlie's raspberry lemonade. Yes it ticks all the boxes!

We slept in on Sunday morning and it took us a little while to get to Bondi by public transport, so by the time we had gotten to one of the train stations, a few of us were starving and I was shaking and just a tad irritable, so Craig and Bec actually ran grabbed us some sushi to snack on while waiting for our next train. This was Craig's first meal in Sydney and the rest of us were advising him that he should try to not eat too much for breaky, after making that mistake the day before when there was barely any room for lunch, but I'm not sure anyone of us actually learnt our lesson.

Toby got the breakfast pie, served with mashed potatoes, gravy and peas. The breakfast pie contained mushrooms, spinach and tomatoes. Toby said it was an ideal hot and hearty breakfast, and he said that he wished that he could have mashed potatoes and gravy for breaky more often. His only complaint was that his coffee was cold.

Craig also chose to get a pie, well actually two pies, and a special breakfast sausage roll with 'bacon' in it. Here is the first pie and sausage roll with mashed potato and gravy. He was super full afterward as you can expect!
After successively sharing sweet and savoury options for breakfast the day before Bec and I decided to do it again, we shared the pancakes with caramelised banana and the Big V.

First up the pancakes were seriously the BEST pancakes I have ever tasted they were soft and fluffy, yet crispy on the edges, served with loads of cinnamon, incredible sugar syrup and bananas. So so so so great.

And the big v was so big that it flowed on to two plates. I loved the zaatar on toast, such a simple but great idea, served with baked beans and chutney.

The main plate contained seriously great spiced scrambled tofu, rocket, 'bacon', 'sausages', mushrooms, grilled tomatoes and delicious home made hash browns . It was so so filling and amazing.Even though we were super full, we couldn't help admiring the apple pie. Toby insisted we try some, and decided if we divided one large piece between 5 of us (Craig couldn't fit anymore in) then we might be able to have some and we managed somehow. It was well worth the bloating, with a thick golden crust similar to the funky pies and a sweet and chunky apple filling:

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Funky Pies Cafe

2/144-148 Glenayr Av
weekdays 7am-8.30pm
weekends 9am- 8.30pm


  1. Wow, what an awesome place to have breakfast! Those pancakes look amazzzzing!


  2. I've still never been to Funky Pies for their new brekky menu or tried one of the gluten free pies.

  3. looks amazingly delicious!!!

  4. Okay. I think this is a must-visit for the future. Those pancakes! (And I don't even normally like pancakes...) And za'atar on toast! Not to mention the fact that I've been trying to find za'atar to buy for the past few weeks...

  5. All vegan pies?! Oh man...that sounds awesome! Initially I thought, when reading this, that pies for breakfast sounded weird but now I really want to try it!

  6. Rose, they really are.

    Mandee, you must go, so I can live vicariously through you.

    Carla, really is.

    Hannah, how can you not like pancakes, it's just an excuse for dessert for breaky!

    Vaala, can't you get them there?

  7. ... I have to go back to Sydney, that all looks amazing!

    They need to open a Melbourne cafe :)