Monday, October 18, 2010

New Day Rising

After Lisa tweeted about the 'CLT' and vegan scones at New Day Rising, our problem of where to eat brunch on Sat was solved. New Day Rising is a tiny veg cafe that I blogged a vague description of here. Their menu seemed to have changed slightly although still mostly resolves around various toast/bagel options. I was intrigued by the CLT ($10), and couldn't resist trying it. The 'C' actually stands for coconut,which is marinated and smoked with what I imagine to be loads of liquid smoke. It is served with rocket, avocado and tomato on a bagel. I think they deserve double points for this original idea and I really enjoyed the smokey coconut, it almost felt like I was eating mock meat with a slight coconut flavour. Toby said that he wasn't sure he was sold on the combination, although I can't help wondering if it was the lack of protein.

The other dish that we shared was the special: corn tortillas, corn cakes, black beans and avocado salsa. It normally comes with cheese but they veganised it by omitting it. It was really filling and very tasty. The corn cakes provided a nice crunchy addition. They can't quite compete to Trippy Taco, but who can?

We also took home a piece of vegan banana bread. It was delicious but contained raisins which had me convinced that maybe it was a tad too healthy for me :-)

Also, they had a little thing on the bottom of the menu which states 'gluten freedom on all items- $1'. Great to have more vegan gluten free options available!

Half True Cat Food posted a pic of their menu here and of course Three Thousand blogged about it when it first opened.

New Day Rising
221d Blyth St
East Brunswick
Sat and Sun 8am-5pm


  1. i think it's pretty unfair to even make a slight comparison of that dish to trippy tacos. trippy's entire schtick is based on being able to pull off vegetarian mexican fare, and i dont think NDR is trying to cover that territory just because they had a mexican special. just saying.
    as a gfveeg kid, i really appreciated being able to eat with no explaining and being quite happy and full last time i visited melbourne and this cafe. i cannot say the same of most of my visits to trippy taco BUT i am not going to get into that because the 2 establishments exist in different leagues and aren't competing for my love. xL

  2. That smoked coconut idea is crazy amazing! Kinda makes me forget that I don't particularly adore coconut, because I really do love smoked flavours...

  3. Lisa :P

    Lena, I know that they are not the same but I just used trippy taco as a benchmark comparison. I compared our own tacos, mamasita and more to trippy taco even though they are all clearly all very different. I'm obsessed with their tacos and that's just the way I express myself. I'm sorry if that offended you.

    Hannah, I wonder if you could bypass your dislike of coconut to enjoy this?