Sunday, October 3, 2010

Late Lunch at Bodhi in the Park, Sydney

Dear readers, haven't been catching up with you for a while apart from my vegan breaking news tweets at @brunswickvegan. I blame my laziness and blogger's block. Now I'm writing this blog post on Cindy's laptop at Where's the Beef? HQ. Hopefully the Chi of Celeb blogger will help.

Shortly after the massive brunch at Naked Espresso and sweet treats at Vegan's Choice, I was hungry again. So we decide to have a late lunch at Bodhi in the Park.

If you haven't been to Bodhi in the Park, it is an upmarket vegan Chinese Restaurant with a modern twist. It is right next to Phillip Park swimming pool and the St Mary's Cathedral, surrounded by beautiful trees and birds.

We were a bit too late and the Yum Cha was over so we ordered some entrees to share.

To start with, we ordered the mixed steamed buns ($6.5). There were three different types of buns in the bamboo steamer: Mock BBQ "pork", chickpea and Chinese cabbage bun:

I used my mad chopstick skillz to break up the buns into quarters so everyone could have a taste of each bun. Everyone loved the BBQ bun but I was not a fan of the chickpea bun. I liked the Chinese Cabbage bun and it reminded me of Shanghaes
e style chicken and veg buns.

Next up is Vegatable Stewers with Malayasisn Peanut Satay ($7.5):

The skewers consisted of different vegetables, faux fishball and tofu. The satay sauce was top-notch and pretty different from the one at Satay Bar and Enlightened Cuisine.

The third dish was Mixed Dumplings ($6.5 /English Spinach, Pumpkin and Mushroom):

A basket of mixed dumplings is ideal for solo diners to sample different dumplings without stuffing themselves silly. They were pretty good too.

We also ordered Bodhi Vegetarian Peking 'duck', bbq sauce, cucumber and pancakes ($19), a dish that I was anticipating on the plane to Sydney:

The whole gang was impressed with this dish. The 'duck' was very crispy and full of flavour. It was even better than the one at Peking Palace in London.

At this point we were half full and at risk of spoiling our appetite for Peace Harmony. However, there is noway K and Cindy would leave the restaurant without desert. We decided on the Asian sweet extravaganza: Frangelico caramelised passion fruit and seasonal fruit with a chilled yellow bean sweet soup and a Frangelico lychee shot ($14.0).

While I am typing, Michael just made me a Frangelico Lychee drink.

We firstly shared the Lychee shot. It was very very delicious and inspired us to buy a bottle of Frangelico and canned lychee and make it ourselves later that night. Part two of the desert was caramelised passion fruit, in syrup form, lychees and rock melon in a Martini glass. We didn't realise there was Frangelico in the passion fruit syrup. The last part of the desert was chilled yellow bean soup with coconut cream. It was yummy and the texture was similar to sorbet, we actually thought it was some sort of exotic fruit and had to ask what it was.

K thought it was the most inventive desert of the trip. Cindy said it was the most glamorous fruit salad she's ever had. I wished I could have the whole thing all by myself!

The Fragrant Elf wrote about her dinner experience there recently. Steph and Diary of a Ladybird also blogged about Yum Cha at Bodhi.

Bodhi in the Park
Add: Cook and Philip Park, 2 College St, Sydney
Tel: 9360 2523
Yum Cha 10am-4pm 7 days/ Dinner 4:30pm-10pm Tue-Sun

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  1. This post amused me no end. Now we know how to cure your bloggers' block - cocktails. ;-)

    P.S. Let that be the first and last time you refer to us as celeb bloggers...!

  2. If only there was a place like this in Scotland, i'd be a regular. Thank you so much for sharing.

  3. Oh, I love lychees! Love your immediate-recreation-of-it story :)

  4. peking duck pancakes are legendary... I had them for the first time 10 years ago! crazy!