Monday, October 25, 2010

Vegan MoFo

We have been a little slack with posting at the moment, and have a huge backlog of posts. But I figure I'm saving up all of my energy to participate in Vegan Mofo which starts on November 1st.

The idea of Vegan Mofo is to write as much as you can about vegan food for one month. MoFo: stands for month of food.

Yes, we normally write about vegan food, but it's different. Last year a small group of us Australian and New Zealand blogger made up our own OZ Vegan Mofo one month earlier and I managed to blog about 25 times in a month which is far more than my average. Since there are now two of us blogging I figure we should be able to do even more this time.

Head over to the Vegan MoFo blog for more details and check out the other 360 bloggers participating around the world.

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