Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Auction rooms

The auction rooms, is a large cafe that was originally an auction room, hence the name. We have been there about 2 times before but just for drinks since they never used to have a proper vegan breakfast option. It is full of hipsters like you would expect and you generally have to wait for a quite a while to get a table for breakfast.

After reading Michael's review about the scrambled tofu at the Auction rooms, we decided to give it a go. Unfortunately- it was DISAPPOINTING in so many ways. First, it was $16 so I hoped to receive two pieces of toast, instead we got only tiny piece of toast. I know it is super fancy dench bread, but really? The silken tofu was bland, seriously no flavouring at all and there wasn't much of it! Third, the kimchi was super hot, I've had kimchi a few times and normally like it (like in my previous review) but it was too hot for both of us, so much so that my throat was on fire. Although I do have to admit that we both have low chilli thresholds. Also, as a mushroom disliker, I normally pass them on to Toby, but the majority of the dish was mushrooms, if you took them away there wasn't much else. Toby said the mushrooms were not that good anyway.

Toby was not a big fan of the coffee, it was his third time trying it and thought that it was mediocre, although he is a major coffee snob.

On the upside, they do have gluten free toast available.

Netxt time we might go around the corner to Grigons + Orr.

Auction Rooms
103-107 Errol St
North Melbourne
9326 7749


  1. That tofu actually looks really bland, how disappointing.

  2. That dish doesn't look at all appealing. No way I would have gotten Kev onto eating scrambled tofu with that.

  3. I'm really sad, I wanted to try their tofu!

    I hope Grigons and Orr doesn't disappoint, we really really really enjoyed our meal there. I wouldn't mind going again, actually...

  4. Wow, I agree with the other comments - the tofu even looks pale and wan and flavourless! How sad, and for $16 too...

    But hey, at least you, too, were a certified hipster for the day! (Though I'm sure you always are :D)

  5. The Grigons & Orr tofu is excellent (though a little on the small side -- get a side of their excellent beans to go with it).

    Why do so many brunch spots serve such bland tofu scramble? Surely it's not THAT difficult for professional cooks to whip up a decent sauce? I love the one at Bomb in Abottsford -- saucy, rich, generous and original.

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  7. I went there today and without a doubt the worst cafe experience I've had in Melbourne... my scathing review coming soon!