Sunday, January 3, 2010


There were a hell of a lot of stuff happening in 2009, from some very amazing things to somethings that I wish never happened. All in all, It is still one of the best years in my entire life, apart from the year I turned Vegan, the year I met Kristy and the year I moved to Melbourne to live.

January / February

First of all, Kristy and I were properly married or weddinged in January. The event was blogged about by a non traditional wedding site.

We also went to the first All Tomorrow's Parties in Mt Buller, Australia. My highlights were Fuck Button, Spiritualized, The Saints and Silver Apple. It was followed by the infamous Laneway Festival in Melbourne CBD.

We started making a new regular dish- lentil tacos.

Kristy went to see one of her old favourite singers - Ani Difranco.


-We become regulars at Radical Grocery, our local vegan fairtrade supermarket.
-Kristy started her addiction to cake decoration.
-We tried Half Moon Cafe's Falafel and Wood Spoon Cafe for the first time. YUM!
-We, the crazy Melbourne Potluckers, had a strange but nice Raw Potluck.
- We veganised one of Kristy's childhood favourites: tuna patties
-Kristy and I heard ghost noises at a Daylesford B&B. Kristy decided to drove us home at 3 in the morning while trying not to kill the jaywalking animals and hoping to find a petrol station as the fuel light was flashing.
-I learnt how to ride bike at the age of 31!

20th April 2009, I went to check out an Akido, school. The Yoda-like instructor asked me to throw a punch at him so he could show me a move. He threw me on the mat and I landed flat on the mat, at like 80 KM/HR. I left with serious nerve damage and the pain stayed with me for almost two weeks, for the first week Kristy had to feed me because I couldn't move my hands.


Kristy was still addicted to Cake Decoration. Check out our Scrabble Cake and Marshmallow Mud Cake.

We started putting one of our new favourite toppings on pizza: Apple.


-Tart n'Round opened.

We started making mashed potato and gravy pizza, sounds weird but is like comfort food to the max.

-Vegan omelets!!!

-Kristy make strawberry cupcakes (one of the many batches cupcakes)


-Kristy and the Potluckers chipped in for my most memorable Birthday Gift my bike: The Tobinator! Kristy also baked me a Tobinator Cake. She also made Lidia a Dog Cake

-I went to Dean & Britta's show at the Melbourne International Art Festival. They also did a secert gig at Purp Pop Records. I waited outside for two hours and got in for the last song. I ended up having a chat with Dean Wareham and had a shameless fan boy moments.

-Kristy took me to fancy ezard for dinner, it was one of the best meals I have ever had.

-Kristy reconnected with one of the first recipes that she made as a vegan: soy sausage dhal

-I started blogging with Kristy.

- We started making sausages from Vegan Brunch


-Vegan Fitness Week in Melbourne
-Kristy is still a cake decoration addict. (Cats/Dogs Cupcakes)
-We re-visited Hong Kong and visted London and Berlin for the first time. (There are two blog posts about London. I will blog about Berlin soon.
-I went to My Bloody Valentine's All Tomorrow's Parties in Bultin Minehead, UK. It was awesome.

Oh... and my record of the year is:

Tarot Sport - Fuck Buttons


  1. great round up toby - what a jam packed year of great events - hurrah for bikes and kristy's cake decorating - I hope she will keep it up this year as I loved all her amazing creations last year - and look forward to seeing how your new co-blog develops and seeing you at more potlucks