Thursday, January 28, 2010

Guten Tag, Berlin (Part Two)

Guten Tag! Sorry for taking so long for the sequel to my last Berlin post but it is very hard to sum up the yumminess of Berlin in two blog posts.

Berlin is full of hipsters so there is a pure vegan cafe for hipsters in the awesome area Prenzlauer Berg. They run gigs, sell music, Books, zines and make pretty damn good vegan food.

Brunswick? Northcote? No, Prenzlauer Berg

I was curious about the red lentil sweet potato peanut soup but we ordered Rucola Pesto with Taglialelle and Pizza with tofu, pineapple and vegan cheese. The pasta dish wasn't bad but the flavour was a bit subtle for Kristy's liking. The pizza was full of flavour and the tofu topping was so crispy that it tasted like sausages.

good stuff

Hans Wurst Vegan Cafe
Tel:(030) 41717822

Address: Dunckerstrasse 2a, Prenzlauer Berg

We decided to live it large in Berlin and dined at the pure vegan restaurant La Mano Verde, a rather high-end/upmarket restaurant like Siren in Hobart . They have pretty impressive raw food option, a big wine list and lots of gluten-free options.

Entree was raw beetroot cashew ravioli:

The "ravioli" is made of thinly sliced beetroot, instead of dough, and creamy cashew cheese filling. We both liked the filling but I prefer biting on conventional dumplings instead of raw beetroot slices. The second entree was mock tuna sushi:

The sushi was pretty yummy and, most importantly, not too fishy for Kristy who hates mock seafood. For mains, we shared farmer nuggets on potato salad:

And, my highlight, mock tuna with tomato frittata:

Both dishes were awesome and beautifully plated. I forgot what was in the Nuggets but I liked the texture. The deep fried mock tuna and the light tomato frittata were very yummy and balanced each other nicely. The dipping sauce was a rich balsamic glaze.

To finish it off, we ordered the amazing dessert platter to share. Raspberry mousse with walnut, mint & ginger sorbet with custard
and chocolate mousse. We struggled to pick a favourite though, all different but amazing.

La Mano Verde
Address: Scharnhorststr 28-29, 10115 Mitte

Tel: 030-82703120

I loved Berlin so much that I was considering cancelling my flight to London and staying in Berlin until the end of our holiday, but our budget didn't allow it. After my disappointing visit to the Berlin Lego Discovery Land, we had another vegan junkfood feast at Yoyo Foodworld. We had yummy vegan cheese and bacon burger with fries and a vegan mango lassi:

And vegan gyros wrap:

We both liked the burger a lot but not the gyros wrap, probably in comparison to the awesome one at Voner. Mango Lassi was good but not great. However, I guess the rest of the food that we didn't order is much better. They make vegan Tirimisu as well but I didn't order it. Why didn't I? Because we have to save room for CUPCAKES! Yoyo Foodworld Vegan Restaurant Address: Gartnerstrasse 27, Berlin 10245

Cupcake sell a range of dairy and egg based cupcakes, but appear to always have one vegan cupcake flavour and one other vegan baked good. They are just around the corner too from yoyo foodworld. We went there twice and had a chocolate cupcake with vanilla frosting which was great, a banana cupcake which was a little too muffiny, awesome banana bread and peanut butter brownies which were good but a little cakey instead of fudgy. Kristy told a girl on the alternative tour that she thought that they sold gluten free cupcakes but found out that they only make them if you order them in advance.


Krossener Stra├če 12


  1. I am absolutely not kidding when I say that I think you've just made me change my travel plans. I'm heading over to Europe in two weeks with no clear plan of what I'm doing, but was thinking London/Paris/Italy/Belgium.

    I am absolutely going to try and fit in a week in Berlin now - I had no idea there were so many amazing vegan food places (and I'm not even technically vegan...)! Looks so heavenly.

    Thank you thank you - off to check out Eurail passes now!

  2. I hope you get to Berlin, it really is such an awesome place!

  3. I am! Just ordered a Eurail pass and put "Germany" as my first option - hurrah, and thank you! Any chance for more inthemoodfornoodles recommendations in the near future? :)

  4. We are working on the Hong Kong post at the moment.
    You would loooooooooooove Berlin. :-)

  5. All looks good - the tofu 'sausage' on the hipster pizza sounds delicious and I love the upmarket plates - especially the sorbet hand