Sunday, January 17, 2010

Guten Tag, Berlin (Part One)

We arrived in Berlin and were welcomed by the awesome vegan food after 3 days of awful fries and veggie sausages at the amazing All Tomorrow's Parties in Minehead, England. Kristy loves Berlin and I'm basically obsessed. Berliners are friendly, helpful and stylish yet unpretentious. There are cool shops, galleries and street art. If you are not sure what you want to see, Alternative Berlin Tour is a bloody good choice. A few people suggested we stayed at The Circus Hostel. It is in the posh Rosenthaler Platz, two train stops away from Alexanderplatz (Think of Flinders Street Station). After we settled down, we walked down the beautiful Kastianallee st to Maja's Deli in Prenzlauer Berg. There was soup, hot dishes on the Bain-Marine, ridiculous looking coffee drinks and tons of deserts.

Sweets More sweets

Kristy loved the Lasagna but it was so salty that I couldn't have a second bite. I had the Tempeh Sandwich. The bread was amazing (sorry, Kristy), the tempeh was full of flavour, and the salad was fresh. There were also pumpkin curry and veggie casserole on the menu board when we were there.


Tempeh sandwich

For desert, Kristy picked the veganized traditional German layered cake. The base was like the mix of cookie and vanilla cake, with a layer of cream, cherry and melted chocolate. It is one of the best vegan cakes I've ever had. And I got the chocolate almond cake with almond flakes and mazipan balls. It wasn't very sweet which I liked.

Chocolate almond cake and German layered cake

Maja's Deli
Tel: 030-48494851

Address: Pappelallee 11, Prenzlauer Berg

Cash only. Open Mon-Fri 12:00-20:00, Sat 12:00-19:00

I asked a staff member at The Circus where can I find somewhere nice for coffee. She said there is
good coffee a block away and great coffee a few tram stops away. So we went to Bonanza which is not far from Maja's to get some great coffee. The soy latte is MUCH bigger thus weaker than the latte in Melbourne but still pretty good. They roast their own beans too.


For dinner, we went to Yellow Sunshine, also known as "The Vegan McDonald's" amongst the vegans. There were lots of vegan options and most of them are organic. We've got the Nuggets, Currywurst, Double "Chicken" Hawaiian Burger (with pineapple) and Mango Lassi to share. The veganized traditional German dish Currywurst is basically sausage with "Chillup" (curried tomato sauce). It wasn't bad but not exciting neither. Burger and Vegan mango Lassi were superb. The nuggets were pretty nice too.

Yellow Sunshine
Tel: 030-69598720

Address: Wienerstrasse 19, Kreuzberg
Mon-Thur 12-24, Fri-Sun 12-1.

Next stop is Voner der Vegetarische Doner. I was super psyched when we arrived. Look at this bad boy! Mock meat on a rotating spit!


So I grabbed a kebab (two of them, actually):


It was awesome. TRULY OUTRAGEOUS!!!!! (Just remember not to order herb sauce if you are vegan) I gave Curryhurst a second chance. It was better than Yellow Sunshine's version but we both didn't like it very much.


Voner der Vegetarische Doner
Tel: 030-99265423
Address: Boxhagenerstr 56, Friederichshain
Mon-Fri 11.30-23.00, Sat-Sun 13.30-23.00.

Cafe Morgenrot is a nice little pub that serves vegetarian and vegan food. They do a pay-what-you-can (not pay-what-you-feel-like) breakfast buffet. Unfortunately we didn't make it.

We had a piece of nice orange ginger cake:

And shared an amazing toasted tomato vegan cheese sandwich, it has pesto, tofu, basil, tomato and vegan cream cheese:

Oh, the cider and banana shake were quite nice too

Cafe Morgenrot
Tel: 030-44317844
Address: Kastanienallee 85, Eberswalder
Open Tue-Fri from 10am, Sat-Sun from 11am


  1. das ist wunderbar! I wish I could speak more german and spend lots of time in Berlin - this food looks excellent - I spent a few days in berlin many years back and loved it - hope you were able to sample some of the wonderful dense breads - especially kristy before the celiac demon banished nice breads from your life!!!

  2. Awesome post. *bookmarks for future trips to Berlin*


    I am eating this entire post.

  4. omg. I'm going in May and now I'm so excited I could puke!

  5. Omg you rock. Hoping to go to Berlin in the next year or so, so I needed suggestions!

    Looks so good!

  6. Johanna, I sure did. They were A-M-A-Z-I-N-G, I kept saying to Toby "why can't we get bread like this in Melbourne?", not I'm glad that we can't :-)

    There is a part two coming up too, also from Toby. The amazing food combined with a beautfiul city, friendly germans, awesome art etc, you can see why Toby kept saying that he wants to move there.

  7. This is awesome, very handy for when we move over as we're hoping to open a vegan breaky cafe in Berlin or Hamburg this year....

  8. Thanks ladies, I'm writing Part 2. Vegan breaky cafe in Berlin will be awesome!