Monday, January 4, 2010

A solution for a bird killing cat and an upcoming potluck

I wanted to wait a couple of months before posting about the catbib just to make sure that it worked. Back in the start of October our cat Button attacked two birds in one week. I did a search online and found info about catbibs. I decided to give it a go since locking inside was making her so miserable.

She quickly adapted to wearing it during the day when she goes outside and I am happy to report that there has not been any more injured or dead birds.

It doesn't seem to get in the way of her going about her normal activities either:

We might need to invest in a couple more though because already Button's cat bib is looking tattered and dirty. A few people have commented that she looks silly, but I think that she looks cute!

In other news, I am a month away from finally finishing my thesis, so am going to knuckle down and let Toby do all of the blogging until I have finished. Once I am finished I want to organise a potluck in Feb, maybe with a loose "cheese" related theme, if you are interested in coming and are not friends with me on facebook you can email me at inthemoodfornoodles (at) blogspot (dot) (com) or leave your email in the comments section.


  1. How does the cat bib work?

    ALSO don't let your potluck clash with mine! I'm going to hold one on CNYE, remember? (13th Feb I think) I will post about it soooon.

  2. Yeah, how does it work? Not that my cat brings in birds, she's far too civilised for that (and I think the birds are bigger/scarier than she)!

  3. Buttons is beautiful!!! I think the bib looks really cute on her too!

  4. Steph, I was thinking start of Feb, since I should be finished by end of Jan. But can change it if you prefer.

    Basically it gets in the way of Button and birds if she tries to attack them.

    Elizabeth, I wish Button was like that.

    Thanks Vicki, we think so too :-)

  5. Early Feb is an awesome time for a potluck, mostly because potlucks are great any time!

  6. Good luck finishing your thesis, Kristy! I think Buttons looks cute, and quite frankly even if she did look silly I think it's worth it for the sake of the birds. So you can tell all the haters to get stuffed!

  7. I think the bib looks cute too! Love the action shots, I think she's working it.