Sunday, November 21, 2010

Johnston St Fiesta & Casa Iberica- Vegan Mofo Day 21

We stopped by Case Iberica yesterday to get some more essential ingredients to make dishes from Viva Vegan. We got some hominy, Harina pan(masarepa) and Epazote.

The Johnston St Fiesta was on and they had a big dance class:

Toby got a can of Inca Kola, which he said that he didn't like.

And I got a cup of Horchata which I've always wondered about. It tasted like a watery rice milk with cinnamon flavour but has a slightly powdery feel. I liked it and it has inspired me to try making it. I also got a potato swirl, which was like one massive deep fried and salted potato cake swirled around a stick which was awesome. 

Johnston St Fiesta is on again today, so feel free to go check it out. There was much more food but we had just had lunch so didn't have much room.

Casa Iberica 
25 Johnston St
9419 4420


  1. My local cafe/secondhand bookstore sells horchata, only they make it with tiger nuts :) I'm definitely looking forward to your recipe, whensoever you give it a shot :)

  2. Hi K,
    This is Sumudu who you met at Ann's wedding. I love the blog - planning to go tot the Balinese place now that I read your review! But. I. Must. Know. Where can I get that potato spiral thingy. It is calling out to me. We must become one!
    Be well and say hi to Toby!

  3. I remember going to that festival years ago and am glad it is still going - we had the potato swirl at coburg market on friday - they looked so cook - actually E and Sylvia ate it while I was queuing elsewhere - it was that sort of event! Hope the queues in johnston st were more manageable

  4. I know I've said this before but I'll keep saying it.. AMAZING EFFORT ON THE VEGAN MOFO BLOGGING!!!

    and that potato swirl is pretty much my food fantasy!

  5. I saw one of those potato swirls recently, a vendor was set up at Reclaim the Night, of all places. They looked really good, battered and fried, right?

  6. Have to agree with Toby on the inca kola. The name is deceptive - tasted more like creamy soda to me.

  7. Hannah, tiger nuts how interesting!

    Jeni, so good.

    hey Sumudu, thanks for commenting, ive heard that you can get them at the vic night market and the friday night coburg market.

    Johanna, the cue was pretty good on the sat.

    Carla, thanks!

    Theresa, yes battered and deep fried so bad but so good.

    Katie, yeh he thought it tasted different too.