Saturday, November 13, 2010

Thai Noodles with "Hotdogs:- Vegan Mofo Day 13

Despite the name of this blog, I noticed we rarely tend to blog noodles dishes, possibly because we have them so often that we don't think they are blog worthy.

A few of you may have noticed recently on facebook that I commented that "best dinner made by best husband, made me forget i'm sick" well this is what I was referring to: Thai stir fried noodles from Asian Vegan Kitchen. It was actually a convenient thing rather than on purpose. We always make enough dinner so that we both have leftovers for lunch and only had 1 container of tofu, so Toby decided to add some leftover frys 'hotdogs'. But this was amazing, slightly greasy in a good way, smokey from the 'hotdogs', salty, sour, mild (we used less cayenne pepper than the recipe asked for). So so so good. The very small downside we ate so much that the size of the leftovers for lunch the following day was a tad on the small size.

To add to the excitement, I was able to use some of garlic chives that I have been growing to the dish.This is super exciting because I have tried to grow herbs on numerous occasions and always managed to kill them but this time I have manged to keep all four that a colleague gave me alive: garlic chives, Vietnamese basil, thyme and basil. The garlic chives are the first one to have grown so much that I had to cut some. Here it is after I gave it a bit of a trim.

I noticed that Steph also posted this dish but didn't seem to enjoy it as much as we did, but we will certainly be making it again.


  1. Jealous! I've been feeding myself coco pops over my sick days...

  2. To be fair, my disappointment was, in some ways, my own fault: I had been looking for a specific flavour, and whilst this dish was fine it was not the thing for which I had been searching.

  3. Lisa, he should have made some for you too, next time?

    Steph, I also wondered if the was type of noodles you used?

  4. All you need to say is "smokey, salty, sour" and I'm in. (I think that also applies to desserts...)

    Hurrah for having someone to cook for you when you're sick! Misery to me for not having such a someone! :D

  5. Hot dogs in a noodle stir fry is a great idea. When I was a kid we almost always had mac&cheese with hot dogs. I can see how they would be awesome with noodles.

  6. huge effort with the posting!!! nice job!