Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Ginger Lychee Ice Cream & Posting Cookbook Recipes- Vegan Mofo Day 17

Yes it didn't take me long to continue with my ginger summer dessert theme. This is from Vegan Scoop I actually stuffed this up, I followed the recipe which consisted of heating a mixture of ingredients, adding arrowroot (mixed with soymilk) and then discovered that I was missing 2 cups of soy milk that were supposed to be heated before I put in the arrowroot mixture. I whisked it in though while it was still hot and it worked, yay!

I only used about half the ginger the recipe asked for, which I think is the perfect amount. The heat from the ginger just works really well with cold desserts. Why haven't I thought of ginger in ice cream before? Plus, it's so soothing for my sore throat. The lychee flavour is quite subtle though, so i think next time I might add more chopped lychees or just serve it with with lychees on top.

I'm not going to post the recipe since I've already posted a few from Vegan Scoop and it just seems wrong to post more. Actually I've been rethinking posting recipes from cookbooks. I never used to and then I started because I figured if people try recipes online from the cookbook it might inspire them to buy the cookbooks. Also I tend to skip over some posts without recipes. But if most are the best recipes from cookbooks are online, than don't some people think what's the point of buying it? Also I think vegan cookbooks are a niche market and most of the authors don't get enough money from the sales. I think I would probably be pretty annoyed if I was an author. What do you think?


  1. Information wants to be free ;) However, that doesn't stop me from buying many vegan cookbooks. I don't think the main reason actual vegans release cookbooks is to make massive amounts of money, rather to help more people eat tasty vegan food. You can usually tell the ones who are just jumping on the bandwagon and their recipes are usually crap which is another concern, as well marketed crappy books can hurt the perception of veganism by the vegan-curious masses by making them think that they are the the pinaccle of the vegan culinary arts.

  2. I've purchased books before based on liking recipes in blog entries. Sure there are a lot of recipes that are available online but who wants to take their laptop to the kitchen or print a recipe each time. Sometimes I think I actually enjoy flicking through recipe books deciding what I want to cook more than cooking the dish.

  3. I know some bloggers who compromise on this by only post one or two recipes from a cookbook, as you say, to get people interested; I also know a couple of bloggers who email the author to ask if it's ok to share the recipe. These bloggers have pretty good results with that (most of the time the authors are actually quite happy for the recipe to be posted).

  4. I've seen a lot more posts including full cookbook recipes lately. I think if there are already sample recipes floating around, it's ok to repost them or to list the ingredients you used to change a recipe but I don't re-post recipes from cookbooks.

    The ice cream look lovely, I'd never think of ginger ice cream but ginger makes everything taste good!

  5. Great post. I'm lazy and make ginger ice cream by just blending it with store-bought vegan vanilla ice cream.

    I agree with the comments above, as I would definitely buy a book based on a good post. Having said that, rarely post recipes from books on my blog. If I did, I would reference the title only, as you've done.

  6. Em posted this article on twitter regarding copyright issues. I have always followed roughly those guidelines, being sure to use my own words and attribute sources and inspirations.

    I think you raise some important further ethical issues - by posting re-worded, appropriately attributed recipes by niche writers, are we affecting their book sales and livelihood? We might be positively affecting them when we recommend books and recipes to others, or we might be negatively affecting them by making much of their content freely available.

    I have usually taken the attitude that posting a couple of recipes is a nice sampler and encouragement for other people to buy the book if they like what they see (it has worked on me - I tried and liked a few blogged Veganomicon recipes before getting my own copy). But I've been making a LOT of recipes from a couple of new books lately and considering whether posting more is unfair to the authors. I think I'll be tending towards posting my own slightly adapted ingredients and methods (still attributed) rather than the original recipes in other people's books.

  7. Am sure this would be very refreshing on a sunny day (which aint today)

    Re posting recipes: I started blogging because I loved sharing recipes - though on occasion I haven't published recipes where it is a small publisher - generally I put up the recipe and rewrite it in my own style - actually I adapt most recipes I put up anyway. Like Katie, it doesn't stop me purchasing books and can actually tempt me to buy them.

    But I have seen other bloggers who decide to post just one recipe from a book they love or are reviewing just to give a taste of the book. Maybe you could consider doing this???

  8. i take my laptop to the kitchen! that said, i am also a big fan of the printed cookbook :))

  9. Like Louise I take my laptop to the kitchen as well! I don't post recipes from cookbooks firstly because it is a bit too labour intensive for me & secondly because I don't really feel right about it. If I can find the recipe online I will post it though.

    And your ice cream looks great!