Monday, November 8, 2010

Loving Hut, Richmond- Day 8

Loving Hut opened on Sat in Richmond. Yes it is part of the bigger loving hut chain of vegan restaurants around the world and affiliated with the supreme master.

We rushed in for lunch on Sunday. They had about 5 bain-marie style take away dishes to choose from for a cheap $7 but we chose to order off the menu. The menu consisted of about a dozen photos with some mysterious sounding names. The staff said that they will be adding more to the menu soon and that the current menu is temporarily. Which explained why the dumplings that Shauna tasted weren't available when we went. We chose 'five heaven tofu' dish ($12), pine nut fried rice ($12) and 'taro delight' ($10).

The tofu was delicious, although Toby commented that the sauce was a little gluggy in parts.

Next up we ordered the pine nut fried rice. We used to love a version of this that we got at a restaurant in Hong Kong, so hoped it was the same. It was quite peppery which was fine with us since we love white pepper but I know a couple of people who hate it and wouldn't have been able to eat it.

We also got the 'taro delight' which I imagined to be just deep fried battered taro. Unfortunately it was kind of mock fishy with seaweed in it. Mock fish/seafood is one mock that I can't stand. So Toby ended up eating this by himself but he enjoyed it.

Overall the food was fine and the staff were really friendly. Although, I get the impression that they are still finding their feet and perfecting everything.  I really think that they could benefit with some descriptions of the dishes to avoid disappointment. Toby and I also thought the meals were a tad on the pricey side for the serving sizes. I kind of felt bad for them, I heard them apologising to other customers and explaining that they only just opened. I look forward to going back in a few weeks or so to see how it's going then.

Loving Hut
10/242 Victoria St
9427 8916

While in the neighborhood you should check out Minh Phat, massive Asian supermarket at 178 Victoria St:


  1. i thought the portions were a bit small for the price too. the dumplings had a good amount (not sure what we paid for those since they weren't in the menu) and the seasonal veggie plate was a good size but it was just vegies. i think a lot of the staff are fairly new to hospitality but once they get going with their full menu and a bit of experience it will hopefully be really good.

  2. i too will be interested to see how it is in a few weeks time.
    we definitely felt a bit ripped off for what we got and the food from the bain marie was cold. better descriptions WITH prices in the "menu" with the photos would be more helpful.

    still, it was their first day so i'll be forgiving hehe

  3. Shawna, I think your right about them being new to hospitality. I wish we had the dumpings, maybe next time.

    Vegan pulse, I agree if it was some established long standing restaurant I would be less forgiving but it's clear that they are making an effort and learning at the moment.

  4. I had the Marinated Pumpkin as a starter, and I expected more from the dish... perhaps something other than just pumpkin, but it was tasty enough although cold. Then I had the Potato Stir-Fry which also only consisted of potato which was only half cooked. I'm not sure if that's how it was meant to be. My partner had the Dumplings and the Laksa which he said were both delicious, so I'm keen to go back in a few weeks also K to see what additions and improvements they've made. After having eaten at the Vancouver Loving Hut I know what this chain restaurant is capable of! ;)